Ongoing R & D Programmes

Title : Genetic Screening for Beta-Thalassemia Carrier detection through Camps.
Scope : Detection of thalassemia to prevent carrier, pedigree analysis, premarital counselling and awareness generation.

Dr(Ms) S. Mukherjee Sardar
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Title : Identification of Infertility and Disability in the community.
Scope :Holistic approach through biochemical tests and referrals.

Dr. M. Roychoudhury

Title : SUPPORT FOUNDATION Cancer Care Unit
Scope : Cancer awareness in schools, support cancer affected families, sponsor children with affected parents and palliative care.

Dr. Sanmoy Ganguly

Title : Virtual Institute for Advancement of Women, Children & Young People
Scope : Formation of modules;Campaigns solving and highlighting  adolescent problems through internet. Trainings Research etc.

Dr.Subidita Chatterjee

Title : Geriatric Research  and outreach activities
Scope : Homes for senior citizen with special facilities for geriatric disorders

Ms Moumita Raghavan

Title : Intervention Study to Improve Reproductive and Child Health in Rural Populations of West Bengal, using Bio-cultural Approach.
Scope : Research on Bio-cultural analysis of Reproductive and Child Health intervention in the seven villages of Barasat II Kirtipur II GP, 24Parg (N).

Dr. (Ms) S. Mukherjee Sardar

Title : Study of unique  approach and  methodology  to intervention of  the Urban Clandestine Sex Workers for health care within the community.
Scope : Achievements and learnings from Targeted Intervention of Clandestine Sex Workers in North Eastern Kolkata

Dr. (Ms) S. Mukherjee Sardar &
Ms Moumita Raghavan

Title : Socio-economics of formation of Self help groups and microfinance.
Scope : Pros and cons of Microfinace in respect to  empowerment rural women.

Mr. K.S Raghavan

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