ANTOMORJADA – dignity of the woman (2009 2010)
Description of the Innovative project

Innovative project  helped these women to develop self help groups and built their own small scale business of home delivery of ready made food, tailoring, setting up of shops etc. through the direct-linkages with the nationalized banks. These women then have an optional earning and are able to gradually come out of their earlier exploitative environment, are paying back the loans in due course and many of them have even taken  second loans . As part of the innovative project  we have started three vocational training centers for the skill development of decorative candle making  and of making  jute products for these women and their daughters in the age group of 13-19 years some of whom are school drop-outs. The innovative project intends to finish the vocational training by an year and to develop their entrepreneurship through a cooperative society which will be sustain the through the sale of finished products and further trainings according to the marketing demands.

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